Brian Doerksen – Enter The Rest Of God (Влез в Божията почивка)

Enter the Rest of God

Brian Doerksen – Song for the prodigals (Песен за блудните синове)

Song for the prodigals

Byron Cage – In the Presence of Royalty (Пред великия Бог)

In the presence of Royalty

Carrie Underwwod – Jesus take the wheel (Исусе, вземи кормилото)

Jesus take the wheel

CFNInstitute – Unto the Lamb (На Агнето)

Unto the Lamb

Coko – The Winner in me (Победителят в мен)

The Winner in me

Crabb Family – Through The Fire (През огъня)

Through the fire

Joel Engle – The Father I Never Had (Бащата, който никога не съм имал)

The Father I never had

Kari Jobe – The Revelation song (Песен на Откровението)

The Revelation Song

Kirk Franklin – The Last Jesus (Последният Исус)

The Last Jesus

Mandisa – The Definition On Me (Определението за мен)

The Definition of me

Mark Harris – All for the glory of You (Всичко за Твоя слава)

All for the Glory of You

Matt McCoy – Stronger Than the Storm (По-силен от бурята)

Stronger than the storm

Phil Driscoll – Wait on the Lord (Чакам Господ)

Wait on the Lord

Praise in Motion – Oh the Deep Deep Love of Jesus (О, силната, любов на Исус)

Oh the Deep Deep Love of Jesus

Child of the King (Дете на Царя)

Child of the King

Terry McAlmon – How we need the river (Как се нуждаем от реката)

How We Need the River

The Afters – Light Up The Sky (Осияваш небето)

Light Up The Sky

The Booth Brothers – Eyes of Heaven (Очите на Небето)

Eyes of Heaven

The Curves – Destined to Win (Предназначени да победим)

Destined to Win

The Desperation Band – Counting on God (Разчитам на Бог)

Counting of God

The Parachute Band – Shepherd (Пастир)


Women Of Faith Worship Team – Today Is The Day (Днес е денят)

Today is the Day

The Booth Brothers – Faithful One (Верният)

Faithful One!